A Break from Snapchat and Instagram

I am taking a break from Snapchat and Instagram (leaving FB as the only social media app on my phone). Yup, just deleted them as I board this flight.

I find myself spending too much time looking at other people’s lives. It’s great to connect with friends, but I find that I can do that without using Snap/Insta.

I think social media apps do a great job of transporting us to different worlds as we experience others’ lives. They also are often ego boosters, giving me gratification for likes and responses.

But I think these apps are making me less happy.

What they are doing really is distracting me from the present.

I find that I am a much happier and even more productive person when I am living in the present.

So I am writing this publicly to hold myself a bit more accountable. Please check in with me :) There is no timetable for getting this right — Let’s see how it goes!

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