Against the Current

There are those of us in society who enjoy traveling upstream. They enjoy going against tradition. They enjoy the attention that comes with fighting through the crowds.

Most of the ones who try and swim upstream get pushed backwards.

Some join the rest of the school. Others keep fighting but eventually got knocked back.

Very few are able to make it against the current.

The ones who do, however, enjoy unique opportunities.

So how do you make it the other direction? How do you think differently?

“Original people come up with original ideas.”

You spend time accumulating experiences and learning things that no one else does. You find important and relevant things to do that are not so obvious to the rest of society. You ask questions no one else asks. You work differently. You surround yourself with a unique subset of people.

If you want to compete against the rest of the pack, you have to think outside of the box and try to beat everyone else fighting for the same prize.

To more easily win, you should rather just play your own game. There, there is no competition to worry about.

Play a different game.

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