So often, we invest tons of time and energy into something and then, seemingly instantaneously, it is all over.

The example I am most thinking about right now is this semester of school, which just came to a close yesterday as I bubbled in the answer to my last final.

We work so hard the entire semester looking for some sort of validation from our grade.

But at the end of the day, the grade is just one letter that we get, anti-climactically a few days after we turn in our final exam.

And just like that it is over, I pack up, go home, etc.

The same thing is true for product launches. You work so hard building up to them, but then, once you do it, you realize that nothing special happens. Once you launch, the real work begins.

I think school is a bit misleading in that once you “finish” the semester, the real work ends. In fact, in school, you re-start every semester from scratch.

The anti-climactic finish is real and happens all of the time. It is something you have to account for when setting your expectations.

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