I think there is something very special about being completely alone. It is certainly a weird thought…but I have been thinking about what % of my days do I spend sitting by myself.

When I say sitting by myself, I mean truly alone — without the influence/direction of others.

One of the biggest super-powers of technology is that it can make you feel completely connected to the outside world. In just a few taps, I can join my friends on Snap/insta/FB from all over the globe.

But being alone (and truly alone) is magical. Disconnecting from other bodies and leaving your own thoughts to wander can be extremely powerful.

I find that society does not prioritize this alone time — free from distraction.

Ironically, I find I spend a ton of time exploring others minds/thoughts/ideas but sometimes shy away from my own. It is why I force myself to write every morning — I need to keep digging.

Originally published at gonen.blog.

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