Communicating Vision

Part of persuading others to join you on impossible mountain climbs is the sell that goes into communicating your vision. As a founder of anything, you have the challenge of convincing highly intelligent, busy people that your idea is worth their time. There is so much to do in this world. Already, there are so many companies out there pursuing very honorable, important problems. Even within companies, there is so so much to do.

How do you persuade people to a) prioritize your product / statement and b) actually empower them to act on it.

The best arguments are driven by data. It is one thing to say you are data driven — it is a complete original thing to actually be.

Most people implement personal biases that are the results of, at least from an outsider’s view, an incentive misalignment. This is detrimental to communication within an org and can fundamentally ruin a company’s workflow.

Numbers do not have biases. And if they did, they would be obviously pointed out as wrong.

People do have biases. And those — if you are not cognizant of — can tarnish visions.

The best ideas are communicated in a way that a) empowers and alerts stakeholders and b) shows all assumptions.

We all have assumptions — being cognizant of them is the easiest way to protect yourself from arguments against your ideas.

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