Over the past few months, I have spent a great deal of time paying attention to my habits, instincts and inclinations. Understanding my nuanced preferences for how I best spend my time has been very interesting.

One thing I have been paying close attention to is, specifically, my balance between creation and consumption. I find this wavelength fluctuates greatly, depending on the season, my priorities, etc.

There are times where I am in create mode — launching products, talking to new people, building things.

And then there are time where I am in consumer mode, constantly reading new things, etc.

Both are valuable tools for growth, but which one should I be focused on.

I think, if I follow my curiosity, I will naturally do both, often.

One thing I do want to avoid is being too much of a consumer. I do not want to be a product of the corporate machine, scrolling through newsfeeds all my life.

I think it is, perhaps now more than ever before, easy to fall into that washing machine cycle and never get out.

Originally published at gonen.blog.

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