Do Not Major in What You Are Interested In

While this is a “commanding title” for an essay, I do not necessarily mean it as such. As with everything I write, do not take anything as a recipe or advice. I am likely wrong and you should question everything I say. These are just my thoughts around thinking about how and where to invest your time in college.

The purpose of this essay is to dispel a myth. The myth is that everyone should major in what they are interested in. I do not think that is necessarily sound in the plentiful case where taking exams and following a course curriculum is not necessarily the best way to explore a curiosity.

If I am interested in accounting, or even think I may be, why should I wait for a curriculum to allow me to explore my interest.

“I will get to that when I am a junior.”

I think that is a bad way of exploring interests.

Another reason is that who is to say a few exams, essays, and course lectures are the best way to learn about what you are interested in. I would bet, for many subjects, that is not true.

So what should you think about when deciding a major?

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