Don’t Chase People

People are just people. Famous people. Not so famous people. We are all the same in nature.

I think, in our heads, we tend to start idolizing people perhaps we have never met before. Celebrities. Influencers. Really successful people.

There is this unique feeling about the opportunity to meet someone like that.

We chase those people.

But what are we really chasing? What are we really chasing when we go from event to event trying to talk to these people?

What do we really want?

In my mind, that answer is often not worth the chase. I think that our primary motivation for wanting to meet these “well known and famous” people is really a desire to satiate our ego. I think that is all we want.

We want to really feel fulfilled.

We want to be able to tell our friends we know certain people. We want to have the connection.

We fall in love with the idea of meeting someone — that the reality is that we do not really need to know that person to be happier or better at what we do.

I think people are super valuable. On the contrary token, however, people can also be the biggest source of time wasting for you.

Analyze how you spend your time…how much of it is chasing?

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