Don’t Tell Me to Drop out

One of my pet peeves is hearing people “advise others” to drop out of school.

I think that is tangibly the worst advice of all time. Not the dropping out part, though I personally believe that, for me, that would be the wrong decision. I am talking about the people selling you on the career decision to leave school.

You’ve likely seen it too. You’ve seen the facebook videos. The “hustle” stickers. The influencers who thought that “school was dumb” and that “being an entrepreneur” was everyone’s only shot at life.

Fuck that. Seriously.

I’m frustrated by the people who believe those people. I am frustrated by the fake influence these people have.

Our lives are our own. Our careers are our own. Do not let people sell you into thinking that any decision is not yours. Hindsight bias is real!

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