Empowering Super Heroes

This is what I want to be best at: helping others find purpose. I want to help other people who may feel ordinary accomplish the extraordinary.

I think this may be, to me, the world’s most valuable skill.

It stars with a) recognition that it is impossible to maximize impact alone. You need a team. You need people who will go fight for you. You need your armada.

These need to be the best people. The most passionate people. The smartest people. The hardest and smartest workers.

To do that, you need to be able to b) convince others to join you on your mission. This “sell” can be really challenging — especially when you are trying to get others to work on something you believe to be true, but the rest of society does not believe is obvious.

You need to convince others that the impossible is possible.

I’ve found, throughout history, the best makers — Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. — are not always the mere smartest in the room. No. They are the best at convincing the world’s smartest people to do anything. More than that, they are able to convince anyone to things they never believed possible.

How you do that?

a) empathy

b) determination

There are no shortcuts to this.

Want to win big?

Believe in your team.

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