Passion, in my mind, (combined with luck), separates long term success from failure. “You will never know until you try,” right?

The question I am exploring is whether or not most people are extremely passionate about something. Do most people have a burning fervor for a topic, an activity, something that they love so much?

I am not sure the answer here.

One side would argue that “fanatics” are rare in society. You can define a fanatic in this case as someone who is always filled with or expressing excessive zeal. They love x thing. And you will know they like that thing just after one conversation with them.

Whatever it is they are passionate about will generally come up.

The other side would argue that everyone has these enormous obsessions and passions they just do not publicize it all the time. Perhaps they do have one of these passions they just keep it to themselves. With these people, perhaps you should spend more time with them and get to know them such that you can understand what they really love.

What do you believe the answer is here?

The more I read about people I look up to, the more I realize that they were fanatics about what they did in life.

Originally published at gonen.blog.

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