First post of 2018

The other day, I posted a rather lengthy review of my 2017. There, I share my learnings across a wide variety of experiences, failures and successes.

Today, I am reflecting on the simplicity of publishing a blog post every single day. The beauty of doing this, much like other things across life, is that there is not much ambiguity. I wake up, write, hit publish. Repeat.

This is an interesting cycle and it makes days like today, even on New Years, feel exactly the same as the past 600+. Weird, right?

It is a reminder that everything starts with a small step.

The media tends to glorify most things in life.

Being successful is not a movie. Life is not a movie.

It starts really small. With a small bite. A small step. One line of code.

And then you have to start hitting publish.

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