Group Dynamics

I find the study of group dynamics to be really interesting. Whether or not you spend a lot of time purposefully thinking about the formal study of organizations, chances are you have picked up on the tendencies of group development simply through your own life experiences.

I think college is perhaps the ultimate lab-ground for understanding people and groups. It really is an amazing thing that happens at University. It happens so quickly that now, as a senior, it is really interesting for me to look back on. If you have never been to college, or if it has been a while since stepping on campus, I think you will find this phenomenon quite interesting.

Basically what happens across universities around the country is, during the first few weeks of schools, strangers become best friends. It is really quite an amazing thing that is rooted in human biology.

Almost immediately, like literally 2–3 days into college, people have found their friend groups. And normally, these groups are quite homogenous.

You find people who look like you, talk like you, and prioritize things like you.

Just like that…two days into school…you have found your friends. Sure, things do evolve over time and not everyone has their group that quickly. What is amazing to me, though, is how natural this all is.

And you blink…and then these are some of your best friends.

Group dynamics are amazing because they are applied pretty consistently across ethnicities and cultures.

Every group has a…

Quiet kid

Loud talker


Etc. Etc.

This is awesome to me — that people have these internal cultures built up and still…no matter if you are on a WashU campus or Stanford or ASU or in Hong Kong…you see friend groups develop a very particular way.

I should spend more time understanding this field.

Originally published at Jordan Gonen.



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