Artists fascinate me — Not necessarily what they do but rather *how* they go about doing it.

And lately, more than ever before, I have been gaining a larger appreciation for the work and focus that goes into creating. I think, at their core, artists are creators.

In the same way that engineers are builders, artists are too. Singers. Dancers. Sculptors. They are magic makers. People, here on earth, for the sole purpose of putting something beautiful out into the world.

True artists are far more rare than you may think. Not anyone with an “artistic” title, in my mind, is a true artist.

Many are motivated for the “wrong” or “superficial” reasons.


Well, society does not reward all artists equally. And because of that, there is inequality among choosing how to express yourself via art.

But as technology progresses, it is my belief that we are going to start having more and more time to appreciate things we had never thought of before.

Art will play a role in this renaissance.

Whether it is in a music video, street performance, or massive concert — it can be magical.

Artists are here to create. And I think we should let them.

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