How to Write an Intro Request

2 min readAug 14, 2016


Asking for an introduction can be tricky and awkward. But it does not have to be…just follow this format and everyone will be happier:

Hi ____________,

I was wondering if you could introduce me to __(name of person you want to meet)__. I’m really interested in learning about (name of person)’s experience __(give context here, why you want to meet that person)_.

A bit about me (this is a short reminder of who you are but more importantly WHY you should talk to the person you want to) : I’m a __(student, founder, developer, designer, athlete, whatever)__ and I love ___(what are you really passionate about). I want to (what are you looking to do in the future), and this aligns really well with (name of person)’s past experiences.

I’d appreciate if you could pass this message along, and connect me if possible.

Thanks so much, I’m always here to help :)

Your name here, link to your website or whatever

The basic keys to writing a great intro request:

  • Concise: No one has time to read long emails. No one enjoys reading long emails. Don’t make people read long emails. #stoplongemails
  • Context: People make more and better decisions when they have context. Otherwise, things get awkward.
  • Politeness: You probably should have asked said introducer before you send them an “intro request.” It’s best if the connector gets an “opt-in” from the other party before asking you to request an introduction. Again avoids awkwardness. Another thing is that this format is genuine and transparent. It’s a really nice email. People like to help nice people (IMO).
  • Ease: Perhaps the best part about this format is that it makes it really easy for the introducer to forward your note along. It only takes them a few clicks to make the introduction!

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Thanks for reading :) My name is Jordan and I share a story every single day here on Medium.. Hope this one really helps someone!

(Thanks Ryan Lawler for some great advice!)