How We Turned $250 into $25,000: The Story No One Tells You

Charity Wear started via phone call as a school project.

This project began as a way for us to get more involved in the community.

So what was the plan?

“Big.” Remember that word.

The Reality

Our First Try

What Happened?

Analyzing our mistakes:

  • Overestimated sales: I still have leftover shirts under my bed.
  • Ordered wrong sizes: We bought way to many XL shirts.
  • Designed inefficiently: As you can see in the picture, there are two designs. WHY?
  • Annoying: Yep. We were annoying (mainly me) and marketed to our consumers poorly.

This brought us to a fork in the road.

Do Things That Don’t Scale

Play Big

  • We cold-emailed hundreds of potential media outlets.
  • We were featured in the Arizona Republic, East Valley Tribune, Jewish News,AZ Central, and on television
  • We designed and manufactured shirts for the opposition, increasing profits.
  • We negotiated the printing price.
  • We marketed on the announcements and all over social media.

We raised $9,000 in two weeks by selling t-shirts.

What do you do after your first success?

Play Big II

  • We partnered with a nationwide twitter community (millions), Smack High. We gained support from students across the country getting excited about our rivalry football game.
  • We used professional designing experience to build a shirt that people lovedto wear.
  • We set up a marketing system in which marketers from all school levels promoted the product. This allowed us to reach more consumers.
  • We partnered with a large Arizona radio station to broadcast the tailgate.
  • We brought food-trucks to the game to increase excitement.

We raised the most money in the history of my high school: $13,000 in 2 weeks.

We helped thousands of people play big.

Charity Wear, Today:

What you can take from this:

  • Do Things That Don’t Scale, as long as you can
  • Trim the fat, iterate over your successes
  • Start right away
  • Do not be afraid to email
  • Work with people you know
  • Find mentors
  • No excuses, ever




think for yourself. views mine.

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think for yourself. views mine.

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