Ideas are overrated

I think our culture over emphasizes the value of an idea. At the same time, we undervalue behind the scenes execution.

The reality is that ideas are really nothing without execution. The best executors (aka the best doers) can learn faster than anyone else and therefore iterate more quickly.

At any scale, the people learning the fastest will be the most aware about their product, their customers, etc. and be able to win out long term.

Contrary to popular belief, ideas will not really get you anywhere.

The world is full of ideas.

The internet is full of ideas.

The best ideas are not what win, however.

The best people win. The best people win when they execute on the best ideas at the best time.

The misconception, however, is that you start with the best ideas. This is almost never the case.

Your idea is not valuable, at all. All value is in the execution. You think you are an exception; you are not. You should not insist on an NDA to talk about it; nobody serious will engage in contract review over an idea, and this will mark you as clueless.
— Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) December 1, 2017

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