iMessage Apps and Why They Matter

Sep 14, 2016 · 3 min read

New to iOS 10 are Apps that work seamlessly with messages on your phone. While not everyone had the easiest time upgrading, those who have gotten access to this feature are loving it.

The potential is huge and here is why you should care:

iMessage Apps will do everything the (already successful) Facebook Messenger app store could not.

The initial buzz of launching this new store will be met with an onslaught of new applications. The truth is that most of these apps will not be innovative. Most of these services will be “building something people really want.”

Right, like how badly do we need to use Super Mario Run Stickers or play Rock Paper Scissors, within our iMessage.

We don’t.

But that is not the point. That does not mean that iMessage Apps will be a flop. All it is the experimentation phase of the wave of innovation that is going to transform the way we send messages and use services on our day to day life.

Many headlines will probably complain about the overhyped buzz of this new app store.

And they may be right to do so.

But I’d argue in order to find the best, and most creative market fits for this opportunity, we need this rapid cycle of innovation and experimentation.

We need the onslaught of failures to find the gems.

For me, I haven’t found a diamond in the mess of the Facebook bot store. So why do I think iMessages will be different?

I think the primary difference is the location of iMessaging in my life. I use it for nearly all, save large groups, communications.

Because of that, the wide variety of use cases appeals more broadly with iMessage. That means that there will be more opportunities for products to find their fit in my routine, my day to day life. And that will mean I will become dependent on them sooner to function.

Just how convenient do they need to be?

They need to be 10 times more convenient than the alternative. And this is why the Facebook Messenger store hasn’t worked for me.

Because it’s way easier for me to pay someone using the Venmo app than to go into messenger and send funds.

But my bet is that everything will live much more conveniently in the iMessage store. So convenient, in fact, that these integrations will grow prosperously.

They will animate conversations — make it easier to communicate — and reduce frictions that currently exist due to switching costs.

Gone are the days of “there’s an app for that” and hello are the integrations to iMessage.

The absolute best way to follow all of the new product releases is on Product Hunt

So I conclude with a couple of questions:

  • Which applications of this new opportunity do you think will be most successful?
  • If you think it’s all hype, why?


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