For better or worse, I think a lot of what I do is motivated by my desire to be and feel independent. What I mean by that is I do not want to be bound to others’ decisions. I do not want to live my life as a cog in a machine or a product of other people’s actions.

It may sound like a romantic dream, but I truly believe that getting to a point of financial freedom / independence from any one job or task will give me immense freedom to be 10x better at what I do.

Money allows you to afford to not worry about things. There are certain parts of life that money can make, for the sake of your mental worries, go away.

Independence gives me the freedom to think creatively. It gives me the freedom to fail and mess up. It takes away the pressure associated with needing to pay for school, to eat, to sleep, etc.

Frictions in life constrict my independence.

Things like money are barriers to my ability to think purely and clearly.

I find that I operate best when I have the freedom to make decisions on my own account.

Still developing out these thoughts…

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