Initial Thoughts Taiwan

I spent the past weekend in the city of Taipei and I have to say it was a really enjoyable experience. I went with a few friends here from school and we stayed at an Airbnb about 20 minute (taxi) from Taipei 101.

I plan to write some longer / more interesting thoughts about my detailed experiences but at a high-level, I found it fascinating how the blend of Chinese / Japanese / East Asian influences combined to form the beautiful culture of Taiwan. The city balances a rich history with modern architecture and technological advances.

I think Taiwan is certainly an under-the-radar-trip that I would definitely recommend. We did not have the best weather but still was able to explore the markets, see historical sights and eat tons of food. The nightlife was also really cool.

I want to emphasize that the food in Taiwan is really special and good. Tons of dim sum, noodle dishes and sashimi.

All of the locals I talked to were super helpful / gentle / approachable. We were told it was unusually crowded given the New Year is approaching. We walked through many indoor/outdoor food markets (an amazing experience).

I really enjoyed my time in Taiwan and hopefully will make it back one day.

Randomly, they use the same electrical plugs as the United States and drive on the same side of the road as the US.

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