Is it better to do lots of things…or one thing really well?

Everyone has their own advice on this.

“Do one thing really well”

“Have a long t”

“Go deep on a few things your whole life”

Most of that advice is solid and comes from a good place.

I think, that with things like this, it is much better to figure it all out on your own.


We all work differently. We all have our own ways of being productive.

I subscribe to the idea that we should focus only on which we can control.

When working…what items can you control?

Whatever those are, let’s call those your inputs. Those are # hours, technology, activities, research, etc. Those are all things that are in your hands.

Those are subjective. There are no best input mixes to use. There are no golden inputs.

People will always tell you that they know the best inputs to use. They tell you how many hours a week you should work and what you should do to get the best results.

Rather, have others focus on your output, while you worry about your input.

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