Is Snapchat A Camera Company?

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Snap Inc. claims to be a camera company, but their main product is not a camera. Right?

Snap Inc., the parent company to the popularized Snapchat and more recently announced, Spectacles‘ camera glasses, brands itself as a camera company.

But for years, they have not produced a single camera.

In the same way that Netflix for years did not produce any content, though they are a media company.

In the same way that Airbnb does not own any property. Uber does not own cars. Etc. Etc.

The point being is that technology has enabled us to build companies without requiring us to build/purchase physical things. We can argue about the semantics of whether or not we actually think Snap Inc. is a camera or a software company, or we can look towards the idea that what they are really doing is using technology to enhance current structures of society.

Lesson you can learn here is that you do not have to always build the next big thing ~ instead you can focus on the resources that currently exist and reimagine the way that they work.

Or we could just say that Snapchat is not really a camera company. ha.

Originally published at www.jordangonen.com on October 20, 2016.

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