Jumping on Board

This quote taken from a Product Hunt Live Chat really stood out to me:

Garry Tan , image cred: Andrew Ettinger

The quote is pretty self-explanatory; but to me a lot of it stems down to expectations management and false perspectives about building companies / doing anything really.

For some odd reason (societal pressures, advertising, movies), society believes that building a company just happens. That you find the rocket ship to hop on and ride it to the top. Or you go on Shark Tank and everything magically happens.

No one really talks about the hard work (except for Gary Vaynerchuk). The hard work is not really pretty. It does not look good on the front of magazines. It does not generate a lot of buzz.

But it gets shit done. And that is all that really matters.

And a lot of people (often myself included) are not comfortable with the unexpected amount of hard work needed to build a huge company. I think if people expected the work, then it would be less of a shock.

It’s like becoming a professional basketball player. People often don’t try because of the incredible amount of hard work that goes into it. *Purposeful hard work at that.

I’m not saying less people should try — more is better — but it helps me to understand how much work is needed, it’s really hard to imagine :)

Thx. for. reading.


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