Just Add Value

It’s internship season for many college students around the country.

Trust me, I know. Lots of my older friends here at school are busy applying for jobs to work this summer. Most of these internships say that they are exclusively for juniors in college — so a lot of sophomores and freshman do not bother applying.

While the conventional “how to get an internship” route works well for many students, I think there are a lot of people missing out on work for a couple different reasons.

People think they are too young

I do not think that there is such a thing as too young to get an internship. If you want to work, and can add value, than there are no other variables.

Simply adding tremendous value is something you cannot argue with.

They think they are not valuable

This actually might be true. If you do not think you can add value to a company, it’s important to figure out why and what you would need to do to provide a valuable skill to a company.

This is a linear route, hard work can get you there.

There are many online courses that can help you gain the skills you need to help people out. But, surprisingly, hustle alone will get you a long way.

Startups will hire you if you can just add value

Anyways, thanks for reading ! I know this was a short one , I will see you tomorrow!

— jordan gonen

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