Keep on Swimming

Every once in a while, we all need some motivation.

Where do you turn to for that last kick? Where do you find what it takes to keep on trucking?

We all hit our own relative rock bottoms. Life gets really shitty, really quickly. And there is often nothing we feel we can do about it. During those moments, where do we turn?

Do you ask others?

Do you sit in silence?

Do you write?

Do you do?

Do you complain?

Do you make change?

What is your go to? What is your instinct? What is your default?

Imagine your bedroom is messy…What do you do?

Do you organize it?

Do you call someone to clean it?

Do you clean it?

Do you throw everything on the bed and then clean it?

Everyone has a different default. Regardless. We have to keep on doing. We have to keep on swimming.

It is often easy to give up. Don’t.

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