Learning Companies

I think the only way to stay competitive in a fast-paced market is to learn faster than anyone else. When the world is changing so quickly, truly the only way to gain an edge is to outsmart or outwork someone. The challenge is that as soon as you gain an edge, the world moves. So you really have to learn how to learn if you want to remain on top.

The world’s most successful people are master’s of this skill. They absorb information from the world and people around them at an incredible rate.

The same is true for companies. I divide the way companies are able to learn into two spheres: external and internal.

Externally — companies, especially early stage, are on a mission to learn as much as possible about their customers and external stakeholders. The best companies build processes and “do the things that don’t scale” to learn about their customer’s tastes and preferences. This is deceivingly hard.

Internally — companies need to learn as much about themselves as possible. They need to learn their own tendencies so they can be most productive and optimize output.

You think of a company as an entity that just creates a product and sells it to people. In reality, however, a company in itself is a beast that must be tamed to do what you want.

I want to emphasize just how hard building something is.

But you can do it.

Originally published at gonen.blog.