Less is More

We live in a bigger is better society, and this affects everything we do!

We grow up believing that bigger houses are better. Bigger cars are more impressive. Bigger portions.

Having more friends is better than less.

The list goes on and on.

A society of abundance may be, on a macro scale, better off than one of scarcity. But I’d argue that scarcity, in some scenarios, is much better.

For example, the act of writing.

The best writers I know say the most in the least amount of words. This makes for very effective prose.

But people tend to judge the intelligence or value of your writing by how long it is, not by the actual content.

If I could write 10 pages in 10 sentences, why not do that?

As a result, there are so many books out there today that are hundreds and hundreds of pages that could (and in my mind should) be consolidated to a few chapters. Most books are just trying to drive one point home and then use example after example to illustrate it.

We get it after one point.

Try writing the least you can next time you are trying to make a point.

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