Life Logging

Recently, I have become more fascinated with the idea of “life logging.” I know that apps like Swarm brand themselves as Lifelogging apps, designed to help you track where you have been and what you have done in the past.

I have been publicly blogging for over 650 days now and I do find it really interesting when I look back on my past thoughts and see how my thinking has evolved.

I think it is powerful to live in the present and not worry about your past or future self — but I do think it is somewhat special to be able to track everything that I have done.

Other apps like Gyroscope help you curate this data into one place.

I think the trend of “tracking your personal metrics” will become more and popular. I think it is quite human of us to wonder how we are doing at a very microscopic level. As tech gets better, we will have more access to this data more of the time and it will allow us to make better decisions about things we do, what we eat, etc.

I am considering setting up some of these automation tools so I can start “life logging” more of my actions.

But perhaps it is a waste of time. I think worth exploring! Will keep you posted :)

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