Mini Series

Almost 365 days ago, I started daily blogging. And yes I have kept up with it, but I am always thinking of new creative challenges that push me to grow.

One way I have been thinking of challenging myself further is to start trying to write posts for more purposeful reasons. I am not sure I could do that consistently, but it is a concept I have been experimenting in my head with.

What does that look like? I am not exactly sure. I imagine a few ways I could do it. The first would be to start creating “mini-series” where I write how to guides for different things.

  • how to get an internship
  • how to build a personal brand
  • how to use twitter to get a job
  • how to reach Gen Z

etc. You get the point? These posts would be far more pointed and purposeful than my current style of writing. They would inevitably take more time to make — but would probably provide more value/insight for other people. If I started creating these collections, I think I would also become better at accumulating insight and giving advice.

Anyways, it is definitely just an idea that I have been thinking about. Not sure I will make the shift — because it really would be 10x more challenging than my current style of writing.

What would you like to see?

Originally published at Jordan Gonen.