I used to think I knew what minimalism was. Turned out I did not.

I traveled to and spent a week in NY earlier this year. I stayed with my friend Jeremy Maluf <- I met him through Twitter a few years back and we built disrupt cards together, among other things.

He was nice enough to let me sleep on his couch. Massively grateful for that.

Anyways, Jeremy, among many things, is a minimalist. What does that mean? Everything he owns. I mean everything (effectively all of his possessions) fits in a small backpack.

Pretty crazy.

I mean his clothing, technology, etc. is all neatly bundled up in a school-size backpack.

Meanwhile, here I am with my big ass suitcase and carry on luggage and backpack.

Pretty interesting to think about what you really need in life. What makes you most happy.

Is it having a lot of stuff? Or having a few things you really care about? Or is it some combination of both?

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