My Competitive Advantage

I believe that confidence is super important. Without confidence, it’s impossible attempt and conquer the impossible challenges that await. Let’s though not confuse confidence with undeserved cockiness. Let’s not assume that confident people are not humble. And let’s not assume that it’s rude to be confident in yourself.

I am confident that I will be the best at whatever it is that I want to do.

Wow. Cocky jerk. Hey we said we would assume that this is not meant to be cocky or demeaning. It’s meant to help me and me only.

You see, I know…

I’m not the smartest kid in the world. I’m not a math wiz. I’m not the world’s best graphic designer. I’m not a notable writer. I am not famous. I am not really fast. I can’t dunk. I dont like guacamole.

But in the long run…I know I will win. Why? What’s my competitive advantage?

I am going to out work and out hustle whoever it is I am up against. I am going to be the best at doing the things that no one else wants to do.

It’s plain and simple, no magic going on here. All that is going to happen is that i am going to work harder and want to win more than anyone else, and that is how I will win.

I don’t have the most money. I don’t have the most resources. I don’t have the biggest brain.

The single thing you need to be successful: time.

My most valuable resource & asset is time. Time can either be worthless or invaluable. It just depends how you use it.

Anyways, good luck :)


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