My Days at School

People tend to ask me what my days look like while at school. I do not think there is a ton of value in bragging about how many hours you sleep (or lack thereof) or how many people you talk to. Those are just plays at ego.

I do, however, find it fascinating to understand others’ philosophies around how they organize their days. After all, what we do dictates who we are. Right?

I find that sometimes (actually most of the time), if we are being really honest and transparent with ourselves, we can easily see that our goals (and what it takes to get to them) do not match our actions. Meaning we spend/organize our days marching in the wrong direction (knowing that it is the wrong direction).

As of today (End of Aug. 2017), I find myself valuing a few things over others:

- Close group of friends over large

- Doing over relaxing

- Learning deep over spread

- Having lots of fun over saving for later

- Helping on a micro over macro scale

…and a few others.

These core principles shape how I spend my time. Are they a perfect match to my actions? No. But constantly tuning and matching this helps me to become aware of the consequences and effectiveness of my choices.

So here is my average day.

In the mornings, I think I spend them best alone. At the gym. Running. Writing. Getting that stuff done. I like to do a bunch of stuff, on my own, for the first 3 hours of the day.

Between 7–10, I am at my peak productivity. I am getting everything I want and like to do done. I am working on projects, sending emails, coding, designing, writing — doing things that give me tons of energy — things that I am really passionate about.

I find that if I am able to have a solid 3 hour block of productivity, everything else I do in the day is just a complementary piece and “good enough” suffices.

After 10 am, I head to classes. During this time, I am diversifying my thinking. I am stretching my mind in completely different ways then I was in the morning.

I take Finance courses and Computer Science Courses. I am also in a philosophy course right now.

Do I love classes? Not really. I do not love studying for exams and I do not love writing long cases. Some of the computer science projects do not excite me.

But do I think classes are a waste of time? Personally, no. I think that school is valuable. Learning to learn and think has helped me a ton.

Am I the best at school? Definitely not. But I do spend a large amount of time studying and doing schoolwork.

Anyways, school is most valuable for me as it allows me to spread out what I am thinking about. I find I am more creative when I have a buffer in between my day to think about other things.

It allows me to “pop the bubble” I am living in.

After 5, I like to do more of the work I was doing in the morning (projects, writing). And then I also like to spend it with friends playing sports or traveling or going out.

I generally go to bed around 12–1.

This is my day. It is always changing / evolving. School is good. I think I will miss it big time when I graduate.

Need to make every day count.

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