Nearing the end

It is crazy to think that the end of 2017 is just right around the corner. 17 days. That is all we have before we start 2018.

And though years are quite arbitrary, and what does it matter if the date ends in ’18 or ’17, there is a lot I want/need to get done before we say goodbye to this year and start the next.

I generally spend a significant portion of time as the year wanes down reflecting on my actions, choices, goals, expectations, and failures. I think deeply about what it is I wanted to accomplish and if I did.

As I try to detach my ego from myself, though, it is important to remember that the past is the past and the present is all that matters.

We can over analyze our past success and failures, if to satiate our ego and learn a thing or two, but the reality is that all that is really important is with us today. We must learn to be present and content with today.

Though, reflection is important for gaining perspective and broadening point of view. I learn a ton by understanding and forming not only my own thoughts, but also analyzing my thoughts of the past.

For many reasons, the old me was a different me. And for different reasons, the old me was the same me.

Understanding what changes and what stays the same is very interesting.

What has changed about you?

As a bit of an aside — the crazy thing about the passing of time is that no matter how much we try to influence it, it only speeds up. I blink and weeks have gone by. What do I remember? Close to nothing. And that scares me. What else do we have but time to create memories and accomplish things we care about? Why else exist?

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