On Following Others

I follow a lot of people across many different platforms. I get access to their lives via my wireless device~ how neat!


Whether it is Mark Suster or Justin Kan giving me some VC advice, or an update from my friends — I love getting to see what my friends are up to. That is my favorite thing about social media:

But does personal space still apply?

How far into another’s life should I be allowed to see? Technology has bridged the gap, for the most part, between reality and the screen. Mediums like snapchat, facebook, instagram, and medium allow us to view picture, video, audio, and text — a sneak peak into the life of the person we are following.

Technology is not restraining us.

The biggest limit we have is that these forms of social media require users to make an active decision and share their life.

What if it all happened in the background?

Do people enjoy the physical act of sharing? of tweeting? Or do they simply care about a reaction from their friends?

While technology is growing very very fast, many of us forget about the human component of a product.

Humans react slowly to change. You cannot update a human like you can an application.

Social Media has changed the way we others see our lives…what if we made it even more transparent?



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