On taking calculated risks

I believe that life, in the long run, is the sum product of a number of risks that you do or do not take.

In life you have numerous opportunities to make what seem like pivotal decisions. The “scary” ones are often the ones where you must give up a lot only get back an uncertain amount. Whether that be time, money, family, whatever it is — call that the risk.

That is the conventional thought of risk. Climbing mountains is risky. Jumping through a ring of fire is risky.

But perhaps the the riskiest thing is to take no risks at all. I wrote about that here:

Of course, the amplitude of a risk is completely subjective.

I even write here about the over stressing of most decisions.

Most times when you think you are risking a lot, nothing is really at stake.

I think it is still crucial to continue to take risks…why?

Because going out of your comfort zone, doing something uncomfortable, is the best way to accelerate growth.

Sara Mauskopf’s thoughts on risk management are my fav:




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