Life moves quickly, yes. But every once in a while we are reminded of our past.

Every once in a while we sit and reflect on something that occurred to us years ago.

Sometimes those moments are happy. We remember a positive experience. We remember hanging out with our family and friends. We remember how much fun we had. We remember how awesome life was back in the day.

That can have two effects:

1) We are happy because we remember our happy self and enjoyed that memory.

2) We are sad because we have “gone downhill.” We used to be so happy! Life used to be so good! But now, we are just spending time thinking about how great the past was and not living in the moment.

Those are for happy memories.

Sometimes memories are sad. We remember really bad experiences. We remember losing people. We remember failing. We remember excruciating pain.

That can have two effects as well:

1) We get sad because we re-live a very scary and sad time.

2) We get happy — why? Because we see how far we come. We see that even in the worst of times, we made it through. And although life will likely take us back through some more scary times — again, we will make it through.

Reflecting is a great way to become more self aware. What’s even better, however, is understanding why you are reflecting and the effects it has on you and your life.

Sometimes reflection is a waste of time. It makes you feel all sad and depressed.

Other times, it does wonders for you. It helps you gain new perspectives and understand things.

We should always think about what is really important in life…

Is it family? Or is it our new computer?

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