Every so often, I like to sit down and make myself a road map for what I want the next few months to look like.

I have never been the biggest fan of long term goals. I think ambitions are a good thing. But static goals have never really worked for me.

In the short run, however, I believe setting very actionable and tactile goals is super valuable. I set up processes and a framework that encompass a few hours of my day.

I’ll block off 2 hours every morning to execute on a number of tasks as part of my system to getting what I want.

These are often simple tasks that I can nail out quickly.

Doing this in the morning, every morning, helps me get energy and makes me fill fulfilled. I like the idea of completing lots of things quickly! It gets me going.

i hesitate to make this perfect roadmap until I know I am ready and can commit to executing on it. I do not want to start things, or say I am starting things, that I do not think I will finish.

In the next few weeks — I am about to start off on a serious span of execution. Just wait.

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