Getting into a routine is a double edged sword. While it is difficult to develop a habit, it can often increase productivity.

Routines are successful for people because they are comfortable and consistent. People like having a routine because they are efficient — not a lot of time wasted. People also like sticking to a routine because of familiarity — people do not like the unknown.

But routines are not for everyone. For one, routines do not offer a lot of flexibility. In fact, they are quite restricting. Also, they do not offer creative spaces for people to “change things up” and get new inspiration.

You start learning once you leave your comfort zone.

Life is a balance of the two spheres of thought.

In life, you want to have opportunities to get into a routine but also chances to break that. That is the struggle many face.

I think the best way to avoid falling into either thought completely is to do things only that make you happy. You get excited for things that make you happy. They are your motivators and you will do whatever you can to make them happen.

Enjoy life.

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