1 min readJun 29, 2018

More than anything, especially recently, I have sought simplicity. More specifically, I seek simple answers to complicated problems. This is a fool’s challenge. Many of life’s most pressing, challenging questions have no simple answers.

The naive resolution?

Jump to conclusions. Skip the line. Rush to an answer.

This happens with many of life’s hardest questions.

What happens when we die? We all want to know? Or do we not?

We can all think of dozens of these unanswerable questions…yet we all wish for a simple resolution to them. An inner peace. Right?

Is putting an answer in our mind that we know to be incomplete or just flat our wrong the way to deal with these types of questions? Or should we fixate on them…spend our whole lives dreaming and meditating for a solution.

Perhaps what we seek is not truth but a fake truth. A workable truth. Something strong enough to convince ourselves we are right. *That* is society.

As I have gotten older, I have exposed myself to more and more types of problems. Really, more complex problems. More complex systems and choices and tougher decisions and people.

The best companies turn complexity into simplicity. They find broken. Really broken. Broken for hundreds of years broken. And introduce an elegant, clever, and simple solution.

I want simple…not just for my own convenience, but for everyone’s.

Originally published at Jordan Gonen.