Stop Searching For A Work Life Balance

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3 min readJun 17, 2016

A lot of people talk about their work-life balance as if its some sort of mythical state of all knowing. It is as if we can reach this nirvana and perfectly allocate our energy between two different spheres, keeping them completely separate from each other. Supposedly, it’s healthy to do this.

To be blunt, I think that most of that is bullshit. For that reason, I don’t believe in a work life balance.

And that is why I choose not to try and divide my life into “work” and “play.” To me, everything I do has the possibility to be fun and “bring me utility.” So why spend my time categorizing and deciding when or when not I can have “fun.”

Instead, I simplified the phrase from work life into just life. I believe that work is a PART of life, and not two separate entities. Work is great for a number of reasons (people fall in love with it). The best case scenario is that your work is your passion.

And work has always been something I have liked to do. I am obsessed with building and publishing things. It is why I write a blog post every single day. And it’s why I have so heavily immersed myself in the startup world — a community filled with doers makers and creatives and everything in between. I like meeting interesting people and I like working with them. Is that work or life? idk

So stop fucking categorizing and start just doing.

I enjoy working. But I also enjoy a number of other things. I enjoy traveling. I enjoy eating. I enjoy soccer. The list goes on and on (maybe I should write a post about these). And all of these hobbies come together to form the thing that we all call life.

I am not going to spend any more time worrying about this balance. Rather, I am going to do whatever I really like to do. That will be my balance — finding things that I like to do and doing them not sectoring and categorizing based off of society’s view of an activity.

Searching for things that I enjoy doing is all part of the journey. That balance is the hard part for me. The balance between trying new things that you may love and sticking to what you know. It is my belief that trying to find those new things that you love (while it may get harder as you get older) is the absolute best way to learn something new. Just as learning gets harder when you are older, so does finding your passion.

For this reason, I am exploring new passions every single day — no better time to do it then right now.

Start living.

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