The art of doing nothing

Everyone relaxes in their own unique and individual way. There is no perfect way to relax. There is no award for being the best relaxer.

What comes to mind when you think of relaxation?

Beaches. Sleeping in. Lounging.

Those are common answers. It’s what thoughts of relaxation are supposed to evoke.

To me, these scenes of peacefulness and quite are not relaxing. In fact, I really struggle with doing nothing. With just sitting .With not building, creating, working, collaborating, with just being.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with loving the traditional sense of the word relaxation.

I’ve just gotten to the point where I know that my most “relaxed” state is not on a beach in some foreign country. In fact, I tried that this summer in Santorini.

I feel most relaxed when I’m doing things. Preferably things that I am passionate about. Of course, that is subject to change…but I’ll always remember my Dad’s observation about me:

He told me a couple years back that he found I was most relaxed when I was working. Specifically I was selling tomatoes at the time. And he said that in that moment, I was not worrying about anything else, just living in the moment.

To me, that is the point of relaxation. It’s about finding that place where you can live in the moment.

What’s your ideal moment?

Some will say on the beach in Santorini. Others at the front row of a soccer game.

I love experiences. I’ve been fortunate enough and lucky enough to have made some incredible ones thus far in my life.

I want to continue having the time to experience amazing things with awesome people.
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