The Cost of College

In fact, the cost of college “has risen 1120% since 1978” — Jarrett Moreno

Is college worth the money?

that’s a lot of red

But for people who want to be in the top .01% —for the 10x, serial entrepreneurs…there is a larger cost to going to college…

it’s TIME

I know I want to be an outlier…but what is the best way to get there?

I asked the world…What would you focus on if you were in college right now?

Jason Calacanis —,launch,serial entrepreneur/investor,social media presence
Ryan Hoover- Product Hunt, YC Alum, Beast
Justin Kan- YC Partner, Twitch,
Keith Rabois — Investor, khosla ventures, Follow him on twitter
Chris Dixon- Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, genius
Steve Schlafman- VC at RRE Ventures
Alex Wilhelm — Chief Editor Mattermark

Lots of opinions…but what should they mean to me?

John Saddington-,, genius

But — there is something to be learned…

For every decision, I sacrifice doing something else.



think for yourself. views mine.

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