The Cost of Doing Business

Sep 18, 2017 · 2 min read

If you were to start a business from scratch tomorrow, with the goal being: make a massive impact and profit — I think at this point, in 2017, we would all agree that this would have to be a technology company.

While not every company needs to be a tech company, any company with huge scale aspirations must be incorporating tech heavily into their product and operations.

Tech has enabled us (as professionals and teams) to do more than ever thought possible. And I believe, that as we progress a society, technology will continue to be the driving mechanism for change.

Everything we do will be impacted.

But for all the goodness we have received, we have to see that the cost of doing business is not scaling exponentially with our added power. For every increase in ability we get from new technology, we find that the actual output of what we are able to do is not perfectly inline. The cost of doing business is, relatively speaking, on the rise.

It is because the more services we add to our workflows — the more complicated it becomes to stay on top of everything.

We open up tons of tabs and services. We are constantly switching back and forth between email, calendar, and our apps.

We get notifications. Slack messages. Emails. Buzzes. Calls. Etc.

We all know the feeling.

It is information overload, 24/7.

When is our break? When can we focus on real work?

When can we stop planning meetings to plan other meetings?

It is supposed to be making us way more efficient, but is this really the case for everyone?

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