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Sep 20, 2016 · 3 min read

Disclaimer: I work, part time, for Inside

We just launched the new and improved look for Inside — check it out here:

Here’s why I have invested (my time) in Inside and why I think it will win, long term. Some of these quotes are taken from jason (founder + ceo)’s blog post about the launch.

The facts are simple: people are adding an average of ZERO new apps to their phones each month, and most modern news consumption happens in social media) places like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and, of course, email). — jason

How many apps have you downloaded over the past 6 months? While I think iMessage apps will be here for the long run, the fact is that the marketplace for standard apps is saturated.

Email, on the other hand, is not dead.

The media is broken. We all know that. Publishers, editors, and journalists are suffering from an incentive problem. They all optimize for the wrong metrics. They write for themselves, and not the consumer.

They want clicks → you get click-bait titles

They want trending stories → you get nonsense content

Email fixes that.

Email incentivizes the opposite — it drives us to build a lasting relationship with our readers who demand we deliver massive value. If we don’t they click unsubscribe. — jason

At Inside, quality is the priority and nothing will come before it.

Quality will win because it creates customer loyalty and drives long term value.

We can generalize and say that a lot of the media is not soo, what do we say, transparent with the news that they publish.

Well, Inside is fixing that.

You can literally reply back to any of our newsletters with a question, critique, or suggestion and get feedback from the team. It’s not complicated. There is no complex algorithm guiding a bot on the other end. It’s just an email to a real human being.

With the new Inside website, you can literally vote for what newsletters would benefit you. The goal is not to build spam newsletters, its to build for what people want to see.

Go out and vote!

I’m really excited for the future of media and news. I hope we see a world where spam does not win.

I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

if you enjoyed this , i’d really appreciate it if you clicked that green heart — you can always email me jordangonen 1 at gmail dot com or tweet me @jrdngonen



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