Under Prioritized Skills

As you know, the skills you need and use in the real world are much different from the ones you pick up in the classroom. In the classroom, you learn to solve problems. You learn about history. You learn advanced mathematics. I always thought and focused on learning those skills. But without even realizing it, schools teaches you HOW TO learn.

Students love to complain about the uselessness of different things in school. Some things that we learn in school seem to be a huge waste of time. These are things that we will never apply to our lives, EVER. But as soon as you realize that the purpose of school is not only to pick up some of these “useless” skills, but also to learn how to learn.

Kind of weird to think about…

Becoming better at learning…

In the world of business, you need to know how to apply your ability to learn quickly every single day.

Here are two things I wish I got really good at earlier on:

  • Writing Emails: I’d consider myself really good at this skill now. But without practicing, I would never have become ‘good’ or confident at writing emails.
  • Listening/Asking Hard Questions: I wish I had had more experience “interviewing” people early on in my life. I’ve always been the one to do the talking. But I’ve found that the best listeners are also the best learners. And in a world changing so quickly, those that can learn the most quickly are most prepared.

What are some “under-prioritized skills” that come to mind for you?



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