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It is really hard to get responses on your emails. It is even harder when your emails are starting to look like this:

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A block of text is not inviting, warm, or cozy. In fact, it’s daunting. No-one knows what lies inside that page-long message.

The good news: most people send emails like this. Meaning it is not very hard to differentiate yourself.

The bad news: it is really hard. It can be really hard to transfer your thoughts concisely and convey a message. But, if you are able to — you will see a spike in responses.

So here are some basic things that can make a big difference.


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I have been refining my personal technique for a while and I think I have found a good overall plan of action for sending warm emails.

The “framework” is not all my own. Its inspired by some really freakin smart people.

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Justin Kan- workout god/ alligator
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Sam Altman — making something people want

I took everyone’s advice and came up with 5 elements to my perfect warm self-introduction. ***Warning: this is an evolving process and gets better with feedback, so let me know what you think!

How I Write an Email

My overarching goal for the email — concise and conveys my objective.

First question to answer, who am I?

  • 1/2 sentences about myself and what I like to do/am interested in (CONTEXT)

Next, Why the hell are you emailing said person

  • Give them a very clear and bold ask.

Now give them a reason why they should care

  • Make it as clear as possible — you should care because ________
  • Offer people something they cannot turn down (free help is sometimes a good one)

Make a Follow Up

  • Extend the conversation past the email. This may be part of your ask — but find a time to talk on the phone or get an introduction.


  • Always thank people for taking the time out of their day to read your sorry email.

Other things to note: be transparent with your asks, use carriage returns, don’t have a garbage signature!

By no means is this a formula that works for everyone, but I keep the framework in mind whenever I email someone. Refining each sentence will take time — but you get better at it with practice! So go out there and send an email — mine is jordangonen@wustl.edu

And if I send you an email — I promise not to waste your time.

I’d love to hear your thoughts :) + let me know how I can help you out!

continue the convo on twitter @itsjordangonen

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