What Are You Optimizing For?

Apr 28, 2017 · 1 min read

As I’ve detailed on and on in these blog posts, I am a big proponent of making a conscious effort to become more self aware. Regardless of what you learn about yourself, I think it will be valuable.

One thing I think about and challenge myself with is figuring out if the way I spend my time aligns with my goals. Does reality match what I think I am doing.

I think often times we may believe we are working towards a certain goal but our actions do not mimic our plans.

It begs the question..what are you optimizing for?

I think that answer is fluid, but something we should be constantly thinking about. How can we improve without knowing what we are doing ?

Sorry this is short. But I am about to hit publish!

Originally published at gonen.blog.

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think for yourself. https://gonen.blog/ views mine.

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