What gets you up in the morning ?

I think that this is a really important question…the reason for doing what you do shows a lot about what is important to you.

There is no right reason, in fact everyone’s reason is sufficient for them. But I think, regardless, it is important to have an answer.

I wake up every morning at 6:15. I often get two initial reactions: “EW!” or “Why?”

The answer, I think, is quite simple and best explained by @ alex (twitter) :

“Mostly what motivates me in the morning is that lots of interesting things happened since I fell asleep and I want to find out what those were.”

My goal is to learn as much as possible and have a lot of fun every single day. Those are my two biggest priorities.

For me, sleep does not fulfill either of them. And for that reason, I limit sleep to purely biological constraints. I love getting stuff done. That happens between 6–8am!

What gets you up in the morning?

Thanks for reading! I’d really appreciate a quick share :)

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