What If You Woke Up Tomorrow and Your Favorite Company Was Gone

How to tell if you are building something magical


What would happen? How hard would it be to get back up and running to full steam?

I asked myself these questions for a number of products I still use on a day-to-day basis and found some interesting results.


It would be an inconvenience, but I would be able to switch over to whatsapp or use facebook messenger for everything.

Google Chrome:

While I love using chrome, switching to a new browser would not be the worst thing that’d happen. I’d be able to get over it in a couple days or so.


I’ve come to rely pretty heavily on medium for all of my publishing. But I save all the stories separately as well, and I am sure there are other editors like it — perhaps not as good though.


I use evernote everyday and it is really great for journaling. But there are so many applications I would be fine.

Microsoft Excel:

Excel is the best for finance things, but for staying organized I could just google sheets. Someone could probably try and build a sheet as good as excel for formulas but it would be hard. This would be a painful switch.


Maybe I am in the minority, but I am not THAT in love with Slack to the point where i could not go without it. It would not hurt me that bad.


Life would probably be a little better.



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