What If You Woke Up Tomorrow and Your Favorite Company Was Gone

How to tell if you are building something magical

Jun 15, 2016 · 2 min read

Imagine you wake up tomorrow to the fatal message from your favorite product:


What would happen? How hard would it be to get back up and running to full steam?

I asked myself these questions for a number of products I still use on a day-to-day basis and found some interesting results.

So let’s imagine the following products/features/companies die…what would I do and how would I feel? :


It would be an inconvenience, but I would be able to switch over to whatsapp or use facebook messenger for everything.

Google Chrome:

While I love using chrome, switching to a new browser would not be the worst thing that’d happen. I’d be able to get over it in a couple days or so.


I’ve come to rely pretty heavily on medium for all of my publishing. But I save all the stories separately as well, and I am sure there are other editors like it — perhaps not as good though.


I use evernote everyday and it is really great for journaling. But there are so many applications I would be fine.

Microsoft Excel:

Excel is the best for finance things, but for staying organized I could just google sheets. Someone could probably try and build a sheet as good as excel for formulas but it would be hard. This would be a painful switch.


Maybe I am in the minority, but I am not THAT in love with Slack to the point where i could not go without it. It would not hurt me that bad.


Life would probably be a little better.

The common trend here is that there are alternatives to most products that I use. That makes sense — competitors are attracted to popular spaces.

So why in the world can’t I find a replacement calendar application to Sunrise?!? Why have I still not found a better mail application than mailbox?

Someone…please lead my way because I am lost without guidance

Woah. You read the whole thing! Thank you so much. I’d really appreciate if you shared this with a friend!

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