When You’re Busy

Mar 1, 2017 · 2 min read

When you are really busy, like I am today — you are forced to make important decisions.

For instance, today I have two exams. Rapid web development and data structure and algorithms. Both are going to be challenging and full of pressure.

I am forced to make a decision. What do I sacrifice for these exams? What goes first? What are my priorities? And how do they change when shit hits the fan?

Let’s see. I am still writing my blog post right now. So clearly I care about getting that out today even though I have a ton of other commitments. I slept less than I should have — clearly I care about these exams more than that.

I did not schedule any personal growth meetings at all today. I probably will not spend any more time writing than just right now. I probably will not respond to any emails throughout the day. Those are all sacrifices I am making for these exams.

I can go on and on. The point is — when the going gets tough, you make sacrifices. Often times, however ,we are not extremely conscious of the sacrifices that we are making. And we are not certain our priorities reflect our actions. We may say one thing, but actually spend most of our time doing the exact opposite.

It is a good check. Especially on busy days. To see what you are giving up to be busy. And more importantly, to see what things or systems remain — even in “hell.”

Originally published at Jordan Gonen.


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